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Looking for a Bespoke Piece of Furniture?

Are you interested in purchasing a bespoke piece of furniture? Then we at Urban Editions are the right choice for you. We design and hand craft incredible bespoke pieces of furniture, specifically created for each unique customer. A new piece of furniture can really transform your room, especially when you have had it made specifically for your needs and style. Your space is a place where you can be completely unique and individual, and in that case, and in this space, mass manufactured furniture is not going to cut it. So whatever you’re looking for, choosing a bespoke piece of furniture over anything else is really the best choice for you.

Why choose a bespoke piece of furniture?

  • It’s exactly to your liking

  • When you buy a bespoke piece of furniture with us at Urban Editions, you’re buying a chance to be involved in the creation of your piece. Our designs are created to your tastes, which means that it will be perfect for your space, a perfection that would be unattainable with mass produced furniture. Whether you’ve been dreaming about a particular style of furniture or you’ve got a limited amount of space for your new piece of furniture, a bespoke piece of furniture is the right choice for you. 

    Our designers will work closely with you throughout the entire process making sure that every choice that we make is to your liking. Additionally, we can help you to create a perfect statement piece that you’ll love to show off to your family and friends. We specialise in minimalist furniture, which is a show stopper piece on its own in a beautifully understated kind of way.

  • It has the perfect functionality

  • Have you ever been in a furniture shop and seen something that looks great and just thought to yourself, ‘this is great but if only it had…’? Then you should really consider investing in a bespoke piece of furniture because whatever bespoke piece of furniture you’re interested in, you’ll be able to make sure that it functions perfectly for you. Our designers are experts at finding the perfect storage solutions for you, so no matter what it is you need your bespoke piece of furniture to do, we can make it happen with no stress at all.

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  • It’s more affordable than you might think

  • Often our customers avoid a bespoke piece of furniture because they think that it’s going to cost them so much more than mass produced furniture. While of course, bespoke furniture is a little more expensive than the cheaper alternatives, it isn’t going to break the bank and you get so many more benefits for that little bit of extra money. Here at Urban Editions, we’re committed to keeping our prices competitive while also ensuring that all of our designers and carpenters have a fair wage and that all of our materials are sustainable sourced. Although this might cost you a little more, it’s not as expensive as you might think and it is totally worth it.

    Want to find out more?

    Browse our furniture collections or if you’d like to speak to us about your bespoke piece of furniture then feel free to get in touch with us by giving our workshop a call on +44 (0) 1225 285111 or email us at We look forward to creating your stunning furniture with you.