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Our materials

Showcasing the authentic quality and texture of solid wood

We use a select range of timbers to create our minimalist furniture designs; the linear, pared back forms highlight the inherent beauty of the wood allowing its natural character and individuality to take centre stage. 

All the timbers we select are from sustainable sources.  This page gives a brief overview, but you can find more examples of furniture over on our blog and gallery pages

European Oak

You can see more examples of oak furniture on our Oak Gallery page

European oak is a great quality hardwood with a really distinctive character which varies in colour and pattern, sometimes with intricate figuring (shown on the right). It's not as regular in colour as American oak but it's less prone to cracking and warping and so it is mostly used in high-quality joinery.

This exceptional timber brings unique character to furniture with its wood grain giving a distinctive patterning to each piece. Its versatile hue blends seamlessly with modern interiors, complementing neutral and Scandinavian style interior schemes particularly well. 


See more examples of ash furniture on our Ash Gallery page

Ash has a really distinct grain that stains well, showing off its unique cathedral arch-shaped pattern. Its natural hue is a similar colour to oak, but lighter and less variable. It's a great choice for stained pieces or natural wood furniture where you don't want too much variation in colour.

We can stain our ash designs in a range of colours. The natural ash works well with grey hues, white and darker greys and off-black colour schemes, while the dark stain we use has similar hues to mahogany and walnut, making it incredibly versatile. Other stain colours are also available, such as ebony or whitewash. 


Find examples of our walnut furniture on our Walnut Gallery page

We use an American black walnut, which is renowned for its deep, warm brown hue.

The heartwood from the inside of the tree trunk is a rich, dark colour, while the sapwood from the outer part of the trunk is much lighter. Walnut timber boards often contain quite a bit of sapwood, which creates a dramatic contrast in colour.

It is possible to use just the darkest parts for very high-end pieces where an even colour is a must, but we can also stain the lighter areas to blend the whole piece together to a similar tone whilst still showcasing the natural variation. 


Find examples of our iroko furniture on our Iroko Gallery page

Newly added to the range is this African hardwood, also known as African Teak due to its similar grain pattern and deep golden brown hue.

It works beautifully to complement a mid-century or vintage Scandinavian look where teak was previously the traditional choice. The colour varies from light summery gold to a deep, warm bronze, and will darken with age, taking on a rusty brown hue.

It's less costly and more sustainable than teak, but just as hardwearing and beautiful to look at and feel, so it's a great choice if you're looking for warmth, colour and a real wood feel with a nod to mid-century modernist style.

Natural Character | What to expect

Solid wood is an all-natural material so there will be "imperfections"! These are all part of the character, you might find knots, small cracks, tool marks or a distinct grain pattern. Some small holes may have been filled or left open. 

If you prefer a piece of furniture with a more uniform finish, even-coloured or with matching grain patterns or direction you might want to consider a veneered product or a bespoke high-end solid wood design made using specially selected boards. Feel free to get in touch to discuss what options are best for you.

But whichever wood you prefer, you'll be happy to know it's been sustainably sourced and has been used to construct a high-quality piece of furniture that will stand the test of time, making it an environmentally-friendly addition to your home!