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Solid oak minimalist furniture


Oak is one of the most traditional of hardwoods, used for centuries across most of the northern hemisphere to craft furniture of all shapes and design styles.

It grows slowly, resulting in a dense wood that's known for its durability and weather resistance. There are around 600 species of oak, but the main ones used for sustainable oak furniture in the UK are imported American white oak and more locally-grown European species. 

We prefer to use European oak, partly for its more distinctive and variable grain pattern, but also because it's less prone to splitting and warping. This is critical for our minimal designs, which involve wide, flat panels of solid wood that need to be as stable as possible.


Oak wood furniture colour

The European oak we use shows a stunning variety of patterns in the grain. In particular, you'll see whitish-silvery marks on some boards - these aren't defects, they're called "figuring" or medullary rays, and it's a characteristic of oak which is seen when the boards have been 'quarter-sawn' (when the boards have been cut at around 90 degrees to the direction of the rings).

oak medullary rays

The silvery ray patterns vary from board to board, with some surfaces being quite regular while others showing all sorts of interesting patterns depending on the angle of the grain in each board. We let all the features show up as they come, so every piece of oak furniture has its own character. 

custom oak hifi stand


Our oak furniture

This exceptional timber brings unique character to furniture with its wood grain giving a distinctive patterning to each piece. Its versatile hue blends seamlessly with modern interiors, complementing neutral and Scandivanvian style interior schemes particularly well.  

Condor Vinyl Storage Cabinet

Our Condor Vinyl Storage unit is a simple, minimal design for storing vinyl records, on sturdy square steel legs. The European oak design shown here is 140cm wide (55"), with 25cm (10") graphite coloured legs, but it can also be made with more mid-century inspired hairpin legs for a more vintage look. 

Vinyl storage furniture oak

oak record player stand

Technic Turntable Stand

The Technic turntable stand isn't just for hi-fi equipment, it's also great as a minimal, linear sideboard or display cabinet, but it just happens to be the perfect size for a vinyl collection and hi-fi equipment!

Turntable stand oak

Turntable stand oak Shown here in a large 140cm size with 25cm (10") high square legs in graphite, but like all our other designs this one is completely customisable - we can add doors, drawers and adjust all the dimensions to create a custom record player stand or sideboard designed to fit your space.

See our custom design page for more information here.

oak furniture design

Marston Wide TV Stand

The Marston Wide TV Stand is an extra-wide piece of furniture that shows the full variety of grain pattern along its wide surface.Wide oak tv stand

Oak lends itself really well to minimal, pared-back designs that focus on the character of the wood and showcase the fact that it's made from solid wood, not a veneer. 


Extra Wide TV Stand in Oak

Extra wide oak TV Stand

Each piece of oak furniture is completely unique; the grain will vary every time (so don't go for this if you want something really predictable and even in colour!) with a mesmerising variety of colour and pattern. That's the beauty of it - it's natural, variable and sometimes unpredictable, but always authentic.

If you're looking for a specially-made custom design or size check out our CUSTOM DESIGN page or CONTACT US

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