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Wide TV Stand Options for the Perfect Setup

Wide TV Stand Options for the Perfect Setup

A TV stand is not just a piece of furniture; it's an integral part of your entertainment setup and something used and seen every day. While its primary purpose is to support your television, a well-designed TV unit can greatly enhance your viewing experience. In recent years, the trend of extra-wide TV stands has gained popularity, and for good reason.

200cm Wide TV Unit

Gone are the days of small, boxy televisions. Today, large and sleek TVs have become the norm. If you're an avid movie buff or a sports enthusiast, you likely own a large-screen TV that demands attention. A 2m extra wide TV stand offers the ideal solution by accommodating these larger screens. With its generous width, it provides ample space for your TV to sit comfortably and securely without looking like it dwarfs the unit that it sits on. We recommend 200cm (79”), if you have the right space to fit it in. With this length the TV takes up just portion of the space leaving ample room for other equipment such as audio, gaming or set-top boxes as well as a the occasional ornament or vase of flowers.

Increased Stability and Safety

When investing in a new TV, it's crucial to consider the safety and stability of your setup. An extra long TV stand offers enhanced stability compared to narrower options. With a wider base, it provides better support for your television, reducing the risk of accidental tipping of the unit. This is particularly beneficial for households with children or pets, where safety is a top priority.

Wide TV Stands Made from Wood

Natural materials can add a more pleasing finish to a room and a solid wood TV unit will provide a strong, sturdy and stable centrepiece furniture unit. The swirling and unpredictable grain patterns in wood give it a unique charm and character.

Walnut TV stands

The warm luxury brown tones of walnut wood make it ideal for display purposes if you like a darker wood and it fits with their decor. Amercian black walnut is the ideal choice in this siuation as shown in the photo below with a 55" TV.

Marston TV Stand in solid Walnut

Oak TV unit

For those who prefer a lighter wood then oak make an excellent choice with its classic grain patterns and smooth sanded finish it will make a real character statement in your room.

 oak tv unit uk
Marston solid oak TV unit with brass plated square legs

Versatile Storage Options

One of the standout features of an extra-wide TV stand is the abundance of storage space it offers. From gaming consoles and sound systems to DVD players and streaming devices, an extra-wide stand allows you to organise and display your devices in a clutter-free manner. We love to have a storage shelf below the top surface, it keep things hidden but not totally out of sight and from a practical viewpoint it reduces the dust on them! A shelf can also be used for magazines, books or even a soundbar.


Henley TV unit wood with hairpin legs
Henley TV Stand


Improved Viewing Experience

An extra-wide TV unit also has a positive impact on your viewing experience. By providing additional surface area, it allows you to position your soundbar or speakers more effectively, enhancing the audio quality of your entertainment setup. Whether you're hosting a movie night with friends or enjoying a family gathering, the extra-wide stand creates an immersive atmosphere that brings your favorite content to life.

Iroko Wood TV Stand

Iroko is another excellent hardwood choice for TV furniture. The wood is a soft brown colour, darker than oak but lighter than walnut and can be a more cost effective option. It has a beautiful fleck-like consistent grain structure as well so can be proudly displayed in your living room.

Marston TV Stand in solid iroko

Custom Width TV Stand

TV units can be long or short, our Marston range goes up to 200cm (79”) (or ask if you want it even longer). We also offer it at 180cm (71”) wide and below that we have the Darwen range and the Henley range which have standard sizes of 100cm(39”), 120cm (47”) and 140cm (55”). The Henley in particular is also very popular because if offers a much larger shelf space below the top surface, this is great of you want to store books perhaps or have larger media equipment to place in it. Just contact us if you’d like to see a design with custom dimensions and we’ll be happy to assist.

We make all our stands in the UK and can ship them to the USA, Canada or Europe.

More designs from the Urban Editions TV stand range are shown below...




Asymmetric Media Unit

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