If you're in the EU you will be aware that the UK will leave the EU on 31st October 2019 unless some sort of deal happens between now and then. At the moment there are no VAT/ TVA, import duty or customs fees on orders that are sent to EU countries, but that will change if the UK leaves the EU on 31st October without a deal.
This means that if you pay for your order as normal before 31st October you might have to pay import TVA/ VAT (or whatever sales tax is applied in your country) if it arrives after 31st October. Most furniture takes 6 weeks to be made, so any furniture order placed after the 13th September will be likely to arrive after the 31st October. 


However, we have two simple, compliant solutions that will help you decide how to place an order with more certainty:


1) Order early: Place your order before 5th September to allow plenty of time for delivery before 31st October. 


2) Pay a holding deposit now, then make the final payment when the product is ready to send after the 31st October. 
If you want to go for this option then we will guarantee that the price you see is the price you'll pay- if there are any import duties, VAT/ TVA or other customs charges when its arrives we'll pay them for you.  
Paying a deposit is easy. Just let us know what you'd like to order and we'll send you a password protected link to a deposit payment page with all the details. The deposit will be 50% for standard items and 75% for anything customised.
When your order is ready we will send you a credit note for the deposit and a link to an order page so you can pay the rest.  


Whatever happens, it won't cost you any more than the total price + shipping you see now. 


Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that there won't be shipping delays during November and possibly through December. We use TNT, Fedex and DHL for shipping to EU countries. These are large global shipping companies who are well organised but new customs procedures in each country could cause delays beyond our control. If this happens we'll do our best to keep you informed with tracking updates, and we'll deal with any customs paperwork so you don't have to. 


Send us a message here or give us a call on +44 1225 285111 if you'd like to discuss an order.