Although unrelated to teak, Iroko is sometimes referred to as African teak because of its striking similarity in strength, grain pattern and colour.

Sustainably sourced teak is extremely hard to get nowadays, so this FSC certified tropical hardwood is a great substitute. It works beautifully to complement a mid-century or vintage Scandinavian look with its dense, flecked grain and warm honey tones.

Iroko furniture colour and grain like teak


The golden tones of iroko soften the minimal style of our designs, giving them a warm, natural character. The colour varies from light summery gold to a deep, warm bronze, and will darken with age, taking on a rusty brown hue. It has a shine in the grain, giving it a slightly iridescent, light reflecting quality. 


Teak colour vinyl storage

The Condor design is a simple, minimal design for storing vinyl records, on classic, mid-century or square frame legs. 

Designed to house a generous record collection (from 250-400 LPs depending on the size), the clean lines of this solid wood, vinyl storage cabinet offer an understated, minimalist storage solution for your space. 

solid wood vinyl storage in iroko




solid wood turntable stand

Our Technic turntable stand design is also perfect as a multi-functional sideboard. It's shown here in a 140cm wide size in iroko, with minimal square grey steel legs.

large turntable stand in iroko


Like all our other designs this one is completely customisable - we can add doors, drawers and adjust all the dimensions to create a bespoke piece designed to fit your space. See our custom design page for more information here.


Iroko can also be stained. The finish can't be matched exactly to other woods like vintage teak but the even grain and density mean that it is possible to approximate the colour of aged teak, mahogany or danish rosewood to coordinate with existing vintage mid century furniture. Here are a couple of examples of custom stains on iron to give an idea of the colours that can be achieved:

Rich Mahogany Stain on a custom extra large Corston Turntable Stand


If you're looking for a specially-made, custom design or size check out our CUSTOM DESIGN page or CONTACT US