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Ash is naturally a light, blonde wood with a distinct grain pattern. 

Ash can be really variable in colour so to keep a good consistency of finish we tend to use it stained a deep, walnut shade. Other shades are also possible (black ebony works well) although a natural ash finish is also an option if you prefer a neutral, light wood colour. 

Ash Stain Colour

Our solid ash furniture

The natural ash works well with grey hues, white and darker greys and off-black colour schemes, while the dark stain we use has similar hues to mahogany and walnut, making it incredibly versatile. 

Marston Wide TV Stand

This extra-wide, low and minimal Marston TV Stand design showcases the natural variation in the solid wood grain on its long surface.

Wide solid ash TV stand

It's shown here on brass hairpin legs that add a sophisticated glamour to the dark wood colour. This one is 180cm wide on 30cm high legs. 

Ash Stain TV Stand

Henley TV Stand

The minimalist inspired Henley TV stand works well in the dark stained ash. The pared-back proportions illustrate the wood grain to dramatic effect, showing all the character and natural variation.

Extra large solid ash tv stand

Wide TV Stand Stained AshKelston Record Player Cabinet

Our flagship Kelston record player cabinet is shown here with black hairpin legs, with custom doors to hide a record collection. The design really takes advantage of the arched wood grain pattern and deep walnut colour finish for an authentic, sophisticated look.Solid ash record player stand

Ashurst TV Stand/Media Unit

Like all our other designs this one is completely customisable - we can add doors, drawers and adjust all the dimensions to create a bespoke piece designed to fit your space. See our custom design page for more information here.

Natural ash

All our designs can also be made using natural solid ash without the stain. Ash is quite variable in colour and grain pattern so the results are sometimes unexpected and always packed with character! 


Solid wood, ash record player stand

Bespoke ash console table

If you're looking for a specially-made, custom design or size check out our CUSTOM DESIGN page or CONTACT US


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