Premium hardwood desks designed just for you

custom desk design solid woodWhen you work from home you quickly realise the importance of having a home desk setup that works perfectly for you. Our solid wood desks can be customised perfectly to fit your home office workspace. To be productive and comfortable you need your home office to be just right, with a comfortable chair, the right lighting, good connectivity and (ideally) noise cancelling headphones!
A desk setup needs to be the right height and allow enough space for devices and laptops or monitors. It needs to be an aesthetically pleasing space to work, stable, uncluttered and calming.
Our minimal desk designs can be tailored to add drawers, cutouts for cables, cable trays etc. And, because we're all not the same height, and you many need it to fit into an alcove or corner of a room we can customise the width, depth and height to create the perfect bespoke desk for you and your space. 
Here are a few ideas for you...

Add Bespoke Desk Drawers

Walnut Desk with drawers
All our solid wood or plywood drawers are fitted with soft close runners, and for a really streamlined look they can be push-to-open, avoiding the need for handles or cutouts. A simple angled desk drawer cutout pull is our favourite style though, which adds a bit of character to the minimal look, but we can also source a huge range of handles if you want to coordinate your furniture with existing pieces in the room. 

Add custom cable organisation

Besides adding obviously useful storage space, desk drawers can also be made with cutouts at the back so you can charge your devices out of sight. 
Walnut desk with drawers for chargers

Shown from the back here this narrow console desk has a hidden panel and cutouts for keeping cables organised. A partition in the central opening allows a multi socket lead to be hidden so that laptops and phones can be charged out of sight underneath the desk top. 
desk with cable tidy

Customise the height, width and depth

The ideal desk height depends on your chair and how tall you are. Or you may prefer a custom height standing desk.
The best way to work out the perfect height for you is to measure the distance from your knees to the underside of the desk when you're at a comfortable char height. Also measure the ideal height you'd like to the underside of your custom desk, and the height you'd like the surface to be. We can customise your desk around these dimensions so you'll know you'll be sitting comfortably. 

Design to fit your home office space 

Shallower depth desks (up to 50cm depth or 19.5") can also be wall hung at the perfect height using extra strong adjustable wall brackets. This works brilliantly in alcoves where skirtings or baseboards might get in the way of a streamlined look, especially if it's made to fit the exact alcove size. 
custom floating wall hung desk


Check out some more information on the woods we use HERE

Contact us HERE to discuss your custom desk design, or find out a bit more about how to place a custom order HERE


We have a range of sizes as standard ready to order HERE but everything can be customised to suit your space. Use the standard product pricing as a guide then we'll quote you for any extras. As a general guide:

- Drawers add between £110 and £190 per drawer depending on the wood type, handles or push-to-open catches and size. All drawers have soft close mechanisms and dovetail joints. 

- Cable cutouts and notches start at £40.

- Custom desk height, depth and width pricing depends on the size you're after, but a small amendment to a standard dimension will start at £50. Custom leg heights/ sizes start at £40. 

- The leg finish can be customised in brass, nickel, chrome and other polished metal finishes from £150.