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Sustainable Furniture Manufacturers

Are you someone that looks to be environmentally-friendly in all walks of life, and believes that nature’s survival is of huge importance? Have you been trying to find a reputable, sustainable furniture manufacturer? For anyone that found themselves answering ‘yes’ to either of the prior questions, with Urban Editions Sustainable Wood Manufacturers in the UK , you have a company that only uses wood sourced organically. We never use materials from trees that are either on the verge of going extinct, or are harvested in such a way that damages the environment. We welcome any-and-all questions regarding our practices - to reach out to us, please choose your preferred method of contact from those published on our website.


The Importance of Sustainably Sourced Furniture


It has become apparent that, as humans, we have not been particularly kind to our planet. Due to the way in which we have abused nature’s resources, we have driven certain species of animals and plants to die out, as well as pollute the environment in a horrific way. Thankfully, companies such as us have begun to dedicate ourselves to sustainable practices, in order to try and reinvigorate the Earth. If you would like to be part of the solution, and use a sustainable furniture manufacturer to decorate your home, we are the company for you.

What Sustainable Wood Furniture do we Sell?

For those that did not already know, when you come to Urban Editions you do not simply have access to a single collection of products. Our mission, besides being a first-class sustainable furniture manufacturer, has been to become a company that can tailor to the requirements to its clients which is diverse in its preferences. If you have recently purchased a media player which you want to store in a safe-yet-stylish manner, or would like to obtain a coffee table that acts as an attractive centrepiece for your living room. We look to provide products that will fulfil your requirements. To get a better understanding of what we mean, why not visit our website, and browse through our extensive catalogue of products in full?

What do Past Clients Have to Say about our Custom Wood Furniture?

Throughout our years of operation, we have always held the belief that in order to be successful as a business, we need to be more than just somewhere that sells high-quality products. Here at Urban Editions bespoke furniture designers, our reputation is not solely built upon being a premium sustainable furniture manufacturer. Over the years, we have looked to develop into a company that is able to forge a relationship with our clients. In order for this to have become a reality, we needed to ensure that we were able to offer an experience that was smooth and transparent.