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Trying to Find the Best Bespoke Furniture Makers?

If you’re looking for a quality team of bespoke furniture makers to work with, then we at Urban Editions are a great choice for you. We’ve been offering high quality furniture to our customers for more than a decade, harnessing the power of sustainable hardwoods to create the perfect piece of furniture for everyone. 

Vinyl record storage bespoke designed furniture


Our wonderful team of designers and carpenters have created a collection of high quality and customisable furniture that are available now on our website, or you can have a piece made for you entirely from scratch with our bespoke service.

Bespoke furniture design drawing
Custom furniture design


Why choose Urba Editions?

  • We work with amazing materials

  • One of the key things at the core of everything that we do is choosing the right materials. As bespoke furniture makers, it is a matter of pride that our furniture is designed to last and the fundamental foundation of this is choosing the right materials. We choose from the highest quality materials and highly finished solid hardwoods like oak, ash, walnut and iroko. Solid timber has so much character, it really adds a beautiful element to all of our designs. 

    This is so important because our bespoke furniture makers like to keep our designs as natural and simplistic as possible, really showing off the beauty of the original timber. We’re committed to making sure that we’ve found the right suppliers for our timbers, ensuring that they’re timber is sustainably sourced. This is the first step to making sure that every piece that our bespoke furniture makers create is of the high quality that our customers expect.

    Desk design for bespoke desk

  • They combine functionality and aesthetics
  • One of the reasons that our customers come back to our bespoke furniture makers time and time again is because of their amazing ability to combine functionality and aesthetics. This balance is the key for all furniture design because it is expected to do both, you need a piece of furniture that will store or seat or serve, while still fitting into your design. We specialise in a minimalist, mid century aesthetic, which is very popular because it sits beautiful in a variety of different styles. 

    Our bespoke furniture makers are inspired by the elegant design and contemporary lines that make minimalist furniture so popular. Our hope is that throughout the years, you’ll be able to keep using our furniture. Your style might change, your family situation might change, your home might change, but our hope is that our furniture will remain with you through that time.

    Want to find out more?

    If you have a clear idea about what you want out of your furniture, then don’t waste your time running around to all the mass produced furniture shops. Coming straight to our bespoke furniture designers will ensure that you have the perfect creation designed especially for your space. Not only do you have a hand in choosing the shape and style of your new piece of furniture, but you can also make sure that we use the right type of timber, which will fit perfectly into the aesthetics of your home. Why not browse our furniture collections, every product is built to order and has a range oif widths, wood types and keg styles to choose from. Or get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1225 285111 or at and we’ll arrange for you to speak to one of our designers as soon as possible?