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Do You Want Your Own Bespoke Walnut Sideboard?

Are you unsure what a sideboard is? Are you interested in whether or not it’s the right choice for your space? Then you should turn to us at Derelict Designs to help you create a walnut sideboard for your space. We’ve spent many years creating fantastic pieces of minimalist furniture, from Iroko tables to walnut sideboards. We’ve noticed in recent years that fewer people have been considering purchasing a sideboard. This is perhaps because people are not entirely sure what it is and others are unsure whether or not it fits into a minimalist lifestyle. So if you’re questioning whether or not a sideboard is right for you, then allow us to help you uncover what they are and how useful they can be.

What is a sideboard?

The sideboard first appeared in upper class dining rooms in the 18th century to be a helpful addition for serving food and display dishes. They usually combine a mix of cabinets and draws that often have short feet. These sideboards have gone into and out of fashion throughout the years and now we believe that they are the perfect addition to every minimalist home. Combining function, aesthetics and storage, we believe that a walnut sideboard is perfect for every room in your home. It has certainly moved past the need for it to be in the dining room and it’s a great aesthetic addition to wherever you need a little extra storage. From the bedroom to the living room, you’ll find walnut sideboards are the perfect addition.

One of the great things about our walnut sideboards is how versatile they can be. After all, they have been made completely from scratch, bespoke to your needs. For example, in your living room, a walnut sideboard can double as a TV stand, offering you loads of extra storage without cluttering up your space. This is great for the minimalist home because it’s making the most of everything piece of furniture that you have.

What’s the benefit of one of our walnut sideboards?

One of the great things about working with us to create our walnut sideboards is that we can create your sideboard into everything that you want it to be. You can choose to make your walnut sideboard as high or as low as you like, with as many cupboards as you need and even shelving if you want anything to be visible. This freedom to unleash your inner minimalist is what makes our walnut sideboards such a popular option amongst our customers. And our stunning, sustainable hardwood is a beautiful material to have in your home. The rich colours of walnut are especially good in a minimalist house as it offers a gentle but present contrast to the clean whiteness of the rest of the room. 

Want to get in touch?

If a walnut sideboard sounds perfect for you, then feel free to get in touch with us today by giving us a call at +44 (0) 1225 285111 or emailing us at With our exceptional designers and quality work, we know you’re going to love the product that you recieve.