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Custom Built Wood Furniture

Are you looking for solid custom built wood furniture? Welcome to Urban Editions Custom Made Furniture. We are a team of designers and manufacturers that create high-quality, customisable furniture with a minimalist, mid-century aesthetic, using sustainable hardwoods. As a business, we understand that when it comes to furniture you want something sturdy and durable, and that’s exactly what our products are. Why not head over to our website and see the custom built wood furniture we have available to purchase?

Bespoke Solid Wood Furniture Made to Measure

Here at Urban Editions, all our custom built wood furniture items can be fully tailored to fit your space and style. With each of our items, you can choose the width, height, legs, wood and finishes to create a combination that best suits your space. As a furniture business, we understand that buying a pre-made furniture item that isn’t customised can be a nightmare to place within a home especially when the items don’t fit in your desired space, so using us reduces all that hassle. Over the years, hundreds of customers have chosen to purchase our custom furniture items.

Why Choose to Have Custom Built Furniture?

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in demand for custom built wood furniture because more and more people want to have unique pieces of furniture in their homes, rather than purchase something off a shelf from a high-street retailer. Custom built items are created bespoke to your needs, and can be designed with specific colour schemes or layouts in mind. Why not contact us today and discuss your desired look or preferences with our experts?

Why You Should Choose Our Custom Furniture Design

With our custom built wood furniture, unlike other self-assembly items, they all seamlessly can be constructed. Each of our products has been influenced by the evolution of the best furniture designs allowing for easy assembly. If you need to move our items, for example when moving home, each section is made in a way that it can be easily taken apart so there is minimal risk of damage in transit.

If you’re looking to purchase some high quality, easy to assemble custom built wood furniture items, then make sure you check out our product on our website. Here at Urban Editions, all our furniture items are designed with you in mind, so you can be certain that they will fulfil your furniture needs and demands. If you have any questions regarding our top quality products, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01225 285111 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we’ll endeavour to get back to you shortly.