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Custom Made Oak Furniture in the UK

Thanks to the years of experience that we have assembled in the industry, our furniture designers and craftsmen in the UK are able to manufacture amazing pieces, at a cost which will not force our customers to break the bank. We would love for prospective clients to get in touch, should they have any questions about our products or would like to discuss a custom furniture order.

Why Custom Furniture?

One of the primary benefits associated with purchasing custom made oak furniture, is that it is typically a lot more durable. Unlike its mass-produced counterparts, there is a lot of time spent ensuring that each piece is of sufficient quality, and fits together correctly. Not only this, but you have the opportunity to own a unit that is bespoke to you and your home - you can live safe in the knowledge that no one has a piece that has quite the same specifications as yours. This type of uniqueness is something that our team here at Urban Editions are more than happy to provide.

What Does Our Catalogue Offer?

Part of what has allowed Urban Editions to establish itself as one of the finest suppliers of custom made oak furniture in the UK, is the extensive range of products that we can offer to our customers. We believe that if you wish to succeed in this industry, it is vital that you are diverse as a company. Whether you are looking for a Darwen Minimalist Console Desk that can take pride of place in your study, or an Asymmetric Media Stand that can house your entertainment devices. Our aim is to ensure that, whatever your stylistic preference, there is a product that conforms to your needs and wants. For your convenience, you can find a list of all the media units in our catalogue on this page on our website. Alternatively, should either of the two products mentioned above sound to your liking, their respective pages can be found via the links provided.

Have You Seen Our Reviews?

Whilst here at Urban Editions we excel at creating custom made oak furniture in the UK, this is not our only service. Over the years, we have endeavoured to build a reputation for being unrivalled in satisfying the needs of our customers. This not only comes from providing them with top-of-the-range products, but also ensuring that their experience is one that is smooth-and-seamless. Much of this is down to the excellent team of customer service representatives that we have in our team. If you have any doubts about the validity of these claims, please feel free to scour through anyone of the phenomenal reviews that have been left on our Etsy page. These should hopefully settle any nerves that you may have had regarding our capabilities.