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Trying to Buy High Quality Record Storage Cubes?

Welcome to Urban Editions, we are a UK based company that provides stunning handcrafted cabinet products for customers worldwide, regularly shipping to the USA and Europe as well the UK. Whether you are wanting record storage cubes, vinyl storage units, record player stands or vinyl cabinets, we can be sure to provide you with a range of unique products. Are you trying to buy high-quality wooden record storage cubes? We can supply you with custom made solid hardwood units that can be used for a wide variety of applications from your living room to bedrooms and corridors to hallways. 

Record Storage Cubes from solid hardwoods

Wooden Vinyl Record Storage Cubes

Here at Urban Editions, we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly business that cares for the environment, that is why our products are made from the best hardwood wood options such as oak, ash, walnut and iroko. These sturdy materials are ideal for all of your storage needs as they are not only strong, but you can be confident in knowing that you are investing in sustainable and reliable products which will last a lifetime. When it comes to our record storage cubes, we wanted to create distinctive, yet versatile products that our customers could use, not just for vinyl storage but also for many types of items including books, CDs, ornament and more. We believe that in order to keep your vinyl stored safely, you should stack them vertically, which will prevent them from being crammed together and damaged. For those who are wanting custom designs, we can offer a completely bespoke service to help you receive a unit that fits and blends into your interiors perfectly. If you are interested in a custom design, get in touch with our team and we will be happy to discuss your requests and provide a written quotation. 

vinyl cube storage cabinet

vinyl storage cubes in solid walnut

Record Storage with Minimalist Design

These minimalist storage solutions appear as a floating shelf.. Feel free to take a look at some of our reviews, here you will be able to see all of the impressive feedback that we have received from previous customers.

Turntable and record player stands with storage cubes

Furniture with Custom Width and Height

As a leading supplier of bespoke furniture, we can assure you that all of our products including the record storage cubes are handcrafted by skilled designers who have worked in this particular industry for many years. Over their time with us, they have been able to gain the appropriate training to ensure that each product is completed to the highest standards possible. So if you are looking for the best record storage cubes, call us today on +44 (0) 1225285111 and we will be happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, email and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions and assist in any way they can.

Quality solid wood furniture designs