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Vinyl Storage Cabinet

If you are someone that takes pride in staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, the likelihood is that you will be in need of a vinyl cabinet to accompany your newly-acquired record player. If this is the case, the first name that should come to mind is that of Urban Editions. If you were previously unaware, we are a company that specialises in the manufacturing of period furniture - when it comes to designs originating in the twentieth century, no one can match our proficiency or meticulous attention to detail. You will be pleased to hear that our furniture can be assembled quickly-and-efficiently, meaning that you will not have to toil for hours-on-end. Should this sound appealing to you, why not begin your journey with us today by contacting a member of our team?

Modern Furniture Design

Before you place an order with us, we believe that it is important that you understand what sort of a company we are. When you come to Urban Editions, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a firm that has achieved a number of high-quality reviews from past clients. If you would like to validate this, feel free to take a look at our dedicated Etsy page or our website reviews. The testimonials here should, at the very least, demonstrate to you that when it comes to vinyl cabinets, we are the firm for you.

An Insight into Our Vinyl Storage Options

When it comes to vinyl cabinets, here at Urban Editions we are extremely well-stocked in a number of different styles. For those that didn’t realise, vintage, as a style, has seen a spike in popularity in recent years; having first begun in the world of fashion, it has since seeped into all walks of life. It is for this reason that households up-and-down the country have invested in record-players, as a way in which to roll back the years. Should you fit this profile, the Corston Turntable Stand would be an extremely shrewd purchase - there are a number of shelving options included, and you can be sure that you will not be left wanting for space. If you are someone that appreciates more of a subtle aesthetic, it could be that the Tall Stack Record Stand is more to your liking.

What Else Can We Offer You?

For a company to achieve success in the modern era, it is important to be recognised for more than just a single service or product. In the case of us here at Urban Editions, this means forging a reputation as having a more extensive catalogue than simply supplying vinyl cabinets. Over the years, we have sought to slowly-but-surely expand our capabilities, so that we can be involved in more projects. To us, it matters not if you are searching for a desk or console table to place in your home study, or desire a simple-yet-sophisticated TV stand for which to house your television. Our mission revolves solely around catering to the requirements of our audience.