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Vinyl Storage Shelf

Have you recently purchased a record player, but don’t have the necessary unit to keep your various records well protected when they are not in use? Would you like to purchase a top-of-the-range vinyl storage shelf? If you believe that either of the previous questions relates to your situation, Urban Editions media cabinet designers are here to help.

vinyl storage shelf solid wood
Technic Turntable Stand

Vinyl Player Unit

When you come to us, you have the chance to acquire furniture pieces that can be tailored to suit the dimensions and decor of your home. We recognise that before placing an order, you may have some questions that you would like answering; for this, we have put together a fantastic team of customer service representatives. To get in touch, all you need to do is visit our website’s furniture designers contact page.

walnut vinyl shelf and storage
Condor Vinyl Storage Cabinet


The Rise of Vinyl’s Popularity and Vinyl Storage Furniture

As many people know, vinyls were once the first-choice when it came to playing music at home. Unfortunately, due to the invention of the CD, this popularity quickly became a thing of the past. Over the past decade, however, we have experienced a situation which has been nicknamed the ‘vinyl revival’. This has coincided with an increased interest and popularity of all things vintage, including clothing and decorations. If you are someone that is part of this resurgence, and are in need of a vinyl storage shelf in your home, your search is at an end; Urban Editions are who you need to speak to.

Stack Record Player Stand

Have you considered a Record Storage Shelf?

When it comes to specialist vinyl storage shelves, you will not be disappointed by a lack of options. Here at Urban Editions we identified a spike in popularity as an important area in which to expand our business into - thus, our collection has been constantly growing over the past few years. Whether you are simply after vinyl-related accessories, such as Storage Stop Strips, or you require a total entertainment unit, like the Corston Vinyl Storage Cube Shelving, one thing is certain. When you purchase from us, the quality will always be of a first-class nature. For convenience, you can view the products mentioned above simply by using the respective links. For those that would prefer to scroll through our complete catalogue of media storage products, our website contains all the necessary information.

Record Player Furniture

When you come to Urban Editions, you do not simply have access to a company that creates exceptional products, such as our vinyl storage shelves. Whilst one of our major selling points is the way in which we can construct contemporary units using traditional materials, this is not our only speciality. Over the years, we have looked to become a business that is able to offer a smooth-and-seamless experience to our customers. Understandably, if you have not purchased from us in the past, you may be a little cautious of this. With five star ratings across many platforms, we believe that this should be more than enough to demonstrate to you the strong customer-focus that we have as a business, as well as the highest quality of our products