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Custom Leg Height

Sale price£40.00

This is an option to add a custom leg height to any of our designs that feature a square minimalist leg.

Any height from 5cm to 100cm can be made to order if any of our standard heights don't work for you.

Select this option and add to cart with your order for the main product. Choose the leg option for the main piece of furniture that is closest to the height you'd like. 
Then remember to add a note in the box at checkout specifying the leg height you want (or let us know the total height that you want the top surface to end up at, and we'll calculate the height that the legs need to be).

Please note this is not an option to buy the legs by themselves! This is an upgrade option to customise the height of the legs on the product you are ordering.

If you want just a set of legs without the rest of the furniture please contact us.