The benefits of bespoke

We should all be aiming to buy better and buy less. For the sake of our planet, future generations and (if you needed further convincing) at the advice of David Attenborough:

Stop waste. Stop waste of any kind. Stop wasting power. Stop wasting food. Stop wasting plastic. Don’t waste – this is a precious world.

But this can be difficult when mass-produced items of furniture rarely provide the optimum solution and can necessitate replacement within a relatively short period of time. Ultimately, whilst we trust designers to get it right, one design cannot work for all.

What's the alternative?

Commission bespoke furniture that suits you, your family and your space. Customisation, or entirely bespoke options, allow you to create an interior scheme tailor-made to how you live your life.

We offer a range of custom built wood furniture following our particular brand aesthetic but giving you the freedom to customise to suit you and make further additions and choices based on that product. 

We can also design and make a piece of bespoke wooden furniture just for you. Choose from shelving, tables and benches, statement coffee tables and more, all made from the same high-quality materials.

So, why buy bespoke?

+ Made to measure

Bespoke wood furniture ensures the perfect fit.

Whether you need extra depth, height or width to maximise storage options or you're limited on space and need to streamline the design to suit a small space, custom made furniture is designed and made to fit seamlessly.

+ Material options

The finish, tone and quality of materials are all within your control. Working with a bespoke furniture maker and their industry insight provides access to a plethora of options to tailor your piece, avoiding the need to compromise on key elements of the design. 

The opportunity to choose distinct materials for individual pieces, dependent on their suitability and your designs, also allows much greater scope for innovation and a truly unique design that will last a lifetime.

+ Future-proof

Bespoke furniture that has been designed and handmade for a specific space and purpose takes time and dedication to create. It is made with care and attention to detail incorporated at every step of the process and, by its nature, it won’t fit or perform unless it is made to the highest standards and built to last.

We further future-proof our designs by only using FSC certified timbers from sustainable sources for our custom wood furniture, this ensures our pieces help support the dedicated management of the world's forests, safeguarding their ongoing future. 

+ Unique to you

Pre-existing pieces of furniture aren’t always conducive to bringing your individual sense of style to a space – when a design isn't made for you quite often it is often just a tweak away from being THE ONE.

Custom built wood furniture creates room for distinctive designs to develop with inimitable combinations of materials, finishes and lines allowing you to introduce your own character to a piece. Commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture means you can to bring to life a design that is entirely unique to you. 

+ An experienced eye

Sharing your ideas and inspiration with a bespoke furniture designer provides the opportunity for expert input which can help develop the initial idea into something more (or take it to a whole different place!).

An experienced eye can point out the potential pitfalls, suggest realistic alternatives and work with you to evolve the concept, ensuring your piece of bespoke furniture is the best version (beautiful and fit for purpose) it can be.