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Custom Built Wooden Furniture

For those that are unaware, the craftsmen here at Urban Editions do not solely use a single material throughout our range of products. We understand that there are different types of wood that suit different types of units, due to their varying properties. For example, if you want to use timber that is impervious to the effects of cracking and bending, European Oak is most appropriate. If you desire a material that almost seems to glow, and is perfect for more traditional builds, you need look no further than Iroko, or African Teak. Should you wish to learn more about either of the mentioned materials, their dedicated pages can be found via the respective links. Alternatively, if you would like to browse through our collection of assorted materials in full, this is the page that you need to visit.

What allows us here at Urban Editions to stand out from the rest, aside from sheer quality, is the vast range that we are able to offer our customers. From more simple products, such as the Darwen Solid Wood Coffee Table on Mid-Century Hairpin Legs, to more complex and elaborate pieces like the Kelston Record Player Cabinet on Minimalist Square Legs - you will never be disappointed by a lack of variety in our catalogue.

When you come to Urban Editions, you have the chance to do business with a company that truly cares about catering to the needs and requirements of its customers. To us, it does not matter if you would like to purchase custom built wood furniture, or if your eye has been taken by one of our stock designs. Our priority revolves around providing you with products that, whilst built to last, have an air of beauty around them. We recognise that, if you have not bought anything from us in the past, these claims may mean very little. To combat this, we recommend that all first-time buyers, before putting in their order, first take a moment to browse through our company’s dedicated Etsy page. On here, you can gain an insight into the typical standards that we hold ourselves accountable to, via the words of our past clients.