Solid Wood Alternatives to Ikea Kallax Cube Storage

We all have things, lots of things, which need to be stored somewhere. So cube storage shelves might be the answer, but let's make sure we are asking the right question first.

Do you want to show off your things, proudly displaying them to visitors, do you want a quality furniture piece which makes a statement in your front room rather than a storeroom in your spare bedroom?

So whether you have a vinyl record collection, CDs, books or collectables they deserve to be seen and cube shelves or a sideboard are ideal.

Cube storage shelving in walnut

Solid wood is a natural product, we gaze at its swirling grain patterns and we run our hands over its smooth finish to appreciate the quality and wonder of nature. A furniture piece in solid wood will last a lifetime and that means less waste, buying sustainable products and keeping them for longer is the way we should all be going. So buying alternatives to well known solutions like Ikea Kallax may be far superior.

Sideboard storage in oak

Flexibility and customisable designs for your cube shelving are important, you need it to fit the space in your house and you need it to fit all your things too. That could mean adding multiple rows of cubes on top of each other or stretching out sideways by adding longer rows of cubes. Wooden furniture can be designed around your needs.


Browse the Urban Editions Media and Vinyl Storage range or contact us about your requirements.

Urban Editions presents a collection of high-quality, customisable furniture with a minimalist, mid-century aesthetic designed and made in the UK using sustainable hardwoods.

The range includes TV stands, coffee tables, console tables, desks and a unique selection of cabinets for the music enthusiast with a vinyl record collection or Hi-Fi set-up, although these may equally double as a sideboard or drinks cabinet.

Every product is made from solid wood in one of four choices; walnut, oak, iroko and a dark stained ash. Multiple size options and leg styles are always available meaning the furniture can be really tailored to you.

All our furniture collection has a clearly defined purpose, bringing together practical storage and function with contemporary lines and elegant design, to create a range with a mid-century modern edge that is both useful and beautiful.