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The beauty of wood

The beauty of wood

The linear, pared back forms of our minimalist furniture designs highlight the inherent beauty of the wood used to make them, allowing its natural character and individuality to take centre stage. 

Wooden furniture can blend seamlessly with any design scheme, be it modern or rustic, and different species will bring different characters within one room or house. The vast range of colours and tones of wood, combined with the subtle but noticeable differences between the grains and textures of different species and cuts, makes every piece of solid wood furniture entirely unique. Combine this with the huge assortment of finishes and stains possible and the possibilities are seemingly limitless. 

Our collection uses a select range of FSC certified timbers; we take a moment to explore the properties of each one...


Ash is naturally a light, blonde wood with a distinct grain pattern. 

Ash can be really variable in colour so to keep a good consistency of finish we tend to use it stained a deep, walnut shade. Other shades are also possible (black ebony works well) although a natural ash finish is also an option if you prefer a neutral, light wood colour. 

The natural ash works well with grey hues, white and darker greys and off-black colour schemes, while the dark stain we use has similar hues to mahogany and walnut, making it incredibly versatile. 


Although unrelated to teak, Iroko is sometimes referred to as African teak because of its similarity in strength, grain pattern and colour, and is often used instead of the real thing. It's probable that your patio furniture is made from Iroko, not teak!

Sustainably sourced teak is extremely hard to get nowadays because of deforestation so this common FSC certified tropical hardwood is a great substitute. It works beautifully to complement a mid-century or vintage Scandinavian look with its dense, flecked grain and warm honey tones.

The golden tones of iroko soften the minimal style of our designs, giving them a warm, natural character. The colour varies from light summery gold to a deep, warm bronze, and will darken with age, taking on a rusty brown hue. It has a shine in the grain, giving it a slightly iridescent, light reflecting quality. 


Oak is one of the most traditional of hardwoods, used for centuries across most of the northern hemisphere to craft furniture of all shapes and design styles.

It grows slowly, resulting in a dense wood that's known for its durability and weather resistance. We prefer to use European oak, partly for its more distinctive and variable grain pattern, but also because it's less prone to splitting and warping. This is critical for our minimal designs, which involve wide, flat panels of solid wood that need to be as stable as possible.

This exceptional timber brings unique character to furniture with its wood grain giving a distinctive patterning to each piece. Its versatile hue blends seamlessly with modern interiors, complementing neutral and Scandivanvian style interior schemes particularly well.  


Walnut is a wonderful wood to use for premium furniture. It's one of our personal favourites for its deep, dark and sophisticated character, with its chocolate tones and flames of light sapwood in the dense grain.

When walnut planks are cut from the trunk of the tree they range from a light buff colour from the outer part of the tree - the sapwood- to the classic warm, rich and dark tones found at the heart of the trunk. This gives it an exciting unpredictability that makes each piece of furniture truly unique.

Walnut lends itself well to linear, pared-back furniture designs where the focus is all on the quality and character of the wood being used. We don't try to hide the uniqueness and variety, instead, we showcase its solid, natural beauty! It's hard to describe the unique colour, tone and grain pattern so these walnut furniture examples should demonstrate the kind of dark wood colour you can expect.

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